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This is Yozfitz's mods site. All the music up here is for anyone's free entertainment.

Go on! Have some fun downloading free music and feel free to sign the guest book or leave any amiable comment.


     As anyone may guess, these songs' copyrights belong to Yozfitz. Any song which has been covered is properly acknowledged. No profitable usage of any song or part of song is allowed without their author's permission, i.e ME.
Ripping is not an honourable way to express one's artistic self. Don't do it. Don't tempt legal punishment. For any
commercial purpose, you are welcome to contact me first. 

TOTM (Tunes of the Month)




You might probably need to log in your google account to hear these songs. I'll try to change that. Sorry :S.

Background Comments

walking on the clouds (#141)

A happiy, nuts, goodhearted chip Tune in tribute to the gang of funny crooks who I met at the #modulez #botb #modarchive #mod_shrine and other chatrooms on =)

Zunnex Space Dance (#036)

Dated in 1996, this is an upgrade coming from the old days. I don't know why I just like this one so much.

Arid, Twilight Landscape (#100)

Oasis is one of the rock bands I've always listened to. This song was originally intended as a cover of "The Cage", which is the 12th track hidden in Heathen Chemistry. Well, I didn't come out successful in this cover, but it turned out a nice song anyway. :P

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