Free Tracked Music by yozfitz

Mp3 Rendering

The following guidance is for those who had never heard of the ´tracking music´ concept before.
   The file formats found on this site (.it, .s3m, .mod, .xm) are playable on players which I have no intention to name (check Playback for more info). Nevertheless, these tracking formats are applicable to music CD formats. To create music CDs, you first need to render a tracking file into .wav format.
Here I offer a brief guide to export my tracked songs (mods) to .wav. Note that eventually .wav files
may be compressed to .mp3 with any mp3 converter, or audio editing program.

1) Get Schism Tracker from here. Choose the platform you have on you PC.
2) Unzip and run the progam.
3) Press Enter and then F9 to access the Loading Section. (Nomally, it is automatically set after hitting Enter)
4) Load the file you wish. You can check if that's the right song by playing it. Press F5 to play the song. F8 to stop it.
5) Now, press F10 to go to Saving Section. With your mouse, click the WAV button on you right below.
6) Write the name of the file as you wish to call it. I recommend using the original name of the mod. IMPORTANT.
Don't forget to add the extension to the filename, i.e. ".wav"; otherwise you won't be able to play it on mp3/wav players.
7) Press Alt+Q to quit the program. Or F9 to load another song.

Note that Schism Tracker will not play .wav formats.

That's it. You got the file rendered to .wav. Make it .mp3 now.  

Now, let me tell you why I offer this rendering method.

With these tracking files (normally called MODs), the best, faithful playback is obtained by
the very same tracking program (like Schism Tracker mentioned above). Why? Simply because no other
similar pairs will interpret all the effects or envelope in the most accurate precision. That's the reason
why I always state in my mods' Commentary Screen the name of the tracker I used to compose it; so as to
encourage the listener to use such program, whenever he wants to get the best of it.

I've composed all my songs with three programs: Scream Tracker (.s3m), Impulse Tracker 2.14 (.it) and Schism Tracker v05rc1 (.it)
Normally, .s3m files are almost accuratelly playable on Impulse Tracker and Schism Tracker.
.it files composed with Impulse tracker 2.14 (I can't tell about earlier versions) are, however, sometimes
played a little wrong on Schism Tracker (you can't play .it files on Scream tracker. Besides, .s3m is somehow obsolete today)

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